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Locate your business here and grow with us

Companies that are considering markets in which to locate a business should take a close look at the Brainerd Lakes Area. You’ll find it all right here: an excellent workforce, a high quality of life, easy access to other markets, including the Twin Cities, a wide range of existing structures and building sites, and the support and resources you need for your business to hit the ground running. Make the Brainerd Lakes Area Economic Development Corporation your first call. We’re ready to help you locate your business here and help you grow with us.

Professional services and specialties
BLAEDC offers a variety of services and expertise:

  • Site location services
  • Financing and incentives (coordination of financial partners, loan and grant structuring and packaging, etc.)
  • Business planning and technical assistance resources
  • Area information
  • Government contacts and processes (including permits, plan review, fee estimates, etc.)
  • Introduction to community and business leaders

Local investments in business-related initiatives

The Brainerd Lakes Area benefits from communities that support local businesses and invest in the types of initiatives that make this area suitable and attractive for businesses that want to locate here. BLAEDC actively works with local leaders to provide the following:

  • Modern utility infrastructure
  • Inventory of land and buildings (lead efforts for shovel-ready site certification)
  • A labor force that’s ready to work
  • Business-friendly communities
  • Green and sustainable initiatives
  • Variety of housing opportunities
  • Good roads, public buildings, schools, and parks

Please share your opportunity with us. Contact BLAEDC at (218) 828-0096, or via email at info@growbrainerdlakes.org.

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