BLAEDC Executive Director Job Posting

Position Description:

This is an executive leadership high profile position that answers to a board of directors.  The position responsibilities include organizational oversight and workplan development, public relations, economic development programming, development and implementation of new initiatives, budget and fundraising, government liaisons, staff oversight, and all responsibilities required to develop and grow a robust economy for the Brainerd Lakes Area in Crow Wing County.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Organization Leadership – Assure the successful continuation of an integral and economic development organization serving the Brainerd Lakes Area by developing the vision of how the organization should be positioned for the future.  Create strategic business plans to implement the vision of the organization.

Managing Key Relationships –

  • Maintain and foster strong relationships with the government leaders and stakeholders located in the Brainerd Lakes Area
  • Grow and develop key relationships with member organizations, companies and potential investors.
  • Maintain positive relationships and brand image in the local communities we serve.

Public Relations and Marketing – Lead public relations/marketing efforts to:

  • Promote the area as a good place to start, expand or locate your business,
  • Promote workforce strategies around “live and work” in the Brainerd Lakes Area.
  • Promote BLAEDC as the leading go-to economic development and workforce development organization serving the Brainerd Lakes Area.
  • Promote the image and brand awareness of the organization and the economic benefits generated.

Economic Development Programming and Implementation – Maintain and grow BLAEDC’s presence around leading and being an integral partner in business development in the Brainerd Lakes Area including starting, expanding and attracting businesses resulting in private sector investment, jobs, and a diverse economy.

Develop and Implement New Programming – Continue to build on strategic initiatives including BLAEDC’s Tech Services Efforts, EXECS, Workforce Programs, KEY Recruitment Program and BLAEDC’s Unified Fund.  Explore and implement new initiatives as appropriate.

Ensure the financial health, stability and sustainability of the organization by –

  • Direct all financial activities including preparing the budget, tracking progress and ensuring overall fiscal integrity.
  • Creating a long-range financial plan that ensures growth and sustainability for the organization.
  • Manage and administer the Unified Loan program (BUF) to ensure the program success and fiscal integrity of the program.

Staff Management and Motivation – Oversee professional and support staff to deliver economic development and workforce development programs and services.

Other – Other activities as appropriate.

Relationship to Management:

Works under the direction of the Board of Directors of BLAEDC and the Board President.

Qualification, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Proficient leadership skills
  2. Ability to organize, plan, delegate, and prioritize.
  3. Creative, innovative thinker
  4. Effective communicator, able to listen, speak, write and make public presentations that motivate, inspire and persuade
  5. Excellent customer service focus
  6. Manage and motivate staff
  7. Effectively work through controversial issues and competing interests to achieve resolution
  8. Capable of reasonable judgment and possess sound reasoning skills
  9. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with appointed and elected officials, news media and communication entities, property owners, real estate agents, financing institutions, business owners and operators, developers, contractors, legislators, community and civic groups, and others
  10. Technical economic development skills including:
  11. Ability to work with local, regional, state and federal programs, their procedures, policies, and regulations
  12. Knowledge of legal, banking, building, contracting, real estate, etc.
  13. Knowledge of credit analysis and finance.


Resumes will be accepted through Friday, November 29th.

Please direct all resumes to Mike