Expand Your Business

Expand your business – BLAEDC can help

Existing companies in the Brainerd Lakes Area are our priority. Contact the Brainerd Lakes Area Economic Development Corporation (BLAEDC) today to tap into our expertise and resources that can help you expand your business, whether it’s developing new products or services, moving into new markets, or growing into new facilities. We’re ready. Let’s grow!

Providing services to help your expansion

BLAEDC offers a variety of free, confidential consulting services to individuals and businesses looking to expand in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Resources are available to:

  1. Find appropriate site locations
  2. Locate financial support by identifying specialized programs and determining eligibility for local, regional, state and federal programs
  3. Obtain technical assistance for business planning
  4. Share area information
  5. Connect to local governmental resources and their processes
  6. Programs enhance area businesses

Working with area experts, BLAEDC connects current and retired executives to area businesses looking to expand through a mentorship program. Business Retention and Expansion visits by BLAEDC staff also unlock new opportunities for individual businesses and help establish connections that lead to growth.