A high-tech connection to the world
Technology makes it easier than ever for companies to conduct business on a global scale. So, what makes a community attractive to a tech company considering its location options? The formula is pretty simple:

• A reliable and super-fast Internet connection

• A sustainable source of workers

• Available real estate

The Brainerd Lakes Area has all the components in place for technology companies to succeed, and an additional bonus – a quality of life that’s second to none. As a result, the Brainerd Lakes Area has attracted more than 20 tech companies to the area in the last ten years.


Fiber optic network

The area’s network:

• Serves a dozen communities in a 30-mile radius,

• Includes more than 2,500 miles of cable, and

• Connects nearly 2,000 businesses and 10,000 residents.

A homegrown workforce
Tech Ready, a local initiative, brings together technology employers, high schools and Central Lakes College to prepare students for careers in the technology industry. The result has been impressive, with dozens of graduates now working for local tech companies.