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Our communities are committed to strengthening the business sector while preserving the rich heritage engrained in the local culture. Public agencies and private businesses work in concert to welcome new companies and offer the support they need to be successful.

A Blue Ribbon Education System
We take pride in our exceptional education system. Secondary schools rank high academically, and all six of Brainerd's elementary schools won 2014 National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards. Central Lakes College partners with the business community to develop programs to fill
employment needs.

A Dedicated Workforce
Working hard and playing hard is easy to balance here. That's a big reason people live in the Greater Brainerd Lakes Area - the quality of life. Our local workforce is educated, hardworking and loyal with skill sets that are increasingly varied and sophisticated.

Existing Business and Industry
The Greater Brainerd Lakes Area has been growing for decades, adding an average of 500 jobs and 30 new companies per year for the last 25 years. It's now home to more than 2,000 companies and 5,000 home-based businesses. Companies recognize the benefits of locating here.

The Greater Brainerd Lakes Area is well-connected by major highways, air and rail to more efficiently move people and goods. Major cities, including the Twin Cities, are two hours away, and our regional airport manages 920 commercial flights a year.

Utility Systems
Companies located here benefit from a competitive-rate environment created by multiple utilities in the area. Electrical, natural gas, and telecommunication companies provide exceptional services at competitive rates.

Tech Services
With a state-of-the art fiber network offering businesses unsurpassed bandwidth potential, a vibrant tech-community, a centralized location, and all the beautiful natural resources your employees and clients will appreciate, the Greater Brainerd Lakes is right for you.

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Brainerd Industrial Center

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